Word Prompt #8

I’ve been away this week, visiting family, so I took a short break from my blogging. This gave me a lot of time to focus on a few other projects I’ve been working on, which I’ll mention in my next blog post later today. For now, here’s the next word prompt!

In what ways are you a trendsetter in your social circles?

I’m not. At least, I don’t think I am…if I am, someone please tell me because I certainly don’t see myself as a trendsetter.

Instead, I wrote about how the more immersed in my passions I am, the more others seem to notice. My social circle accepts and appreciates these passions of mine. Not only that, I think my push to achieve my own goals motivates them to achieve theirs as well…I hope…

Writing Prompt #2

If you fell down a rabbit hole, what do you think you’d find?

My brain is half dead this morning, even after coffee, so this one was a struggle. My mind is on my book, which I stayed up late reading over last night. So, with that clouding my thoughts, I only came up with a few ideas, but not many details.

First, I thought about the rabbit hole being an obvious portal. If it’s a portal than it would be a hidden barrier between the human world and the spirit realm. More specifically, it would lead to my Fae world, which I write about in my Paranormal Romance series. Then I thought it might be more fitting for it to lead to the shadow realm, essentially Hell, which my character Kas calls his “paradise.”

If it didn’t lead to another realm, then I would just want to find a human-like rabbit, sipping tea in a large armchair, who tells me of all his magical adventures and reads me stories.


Tell Me How: Posting Your Stories & Scribbles

I’m getting braver as I write on both of my blogs, but I have yet to upload some of my own written work, scribbles, and snippets of stories. Of course, I don’t want to give anything away, but I always get excited when a writer releases a few examples from their books.

So, if you’re an independent author/writer who often posts your own work on your blogs, please tell me how you got over that nervous little voice in your head that tells you not to. I have plenty of things I’d love to share, even if they are just small pieces that I leak here and there, but for some reason I just haven’t done it yet. Clearly someone likes what I write, otherwise you wouldn’t be following me…right? So, you probably won’t be completely turned away if I post something more personal that I’ve been working on for-what-3 years now?

Any advice or encouragement would be super helpful! ♥


Goodbye Writer’s Block

My obsession with The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss left me a bit depressed the last few weeks because it’s one of those books you get sucked into, only to find out that the author hasn’t finished the final book. It was a big bummer, and I had gone on a rant in a previous post about how it was influencing my new book search, as well as my writing.

Well, I can officially say that while I’m still mad at Rothfuss, I have been very productive on my new Oily Coconut Mama blog and it’s led to a lot of inspiration to write. My favorite teacher in school did always say that writing for fun has a way of clearing your mind to better focus on your best writing; he was right.

Though my oily blog is completely unrelated to this one and unrelated to my book series that I’ve been working on, it definitely helped me focus. It, along with my obsession with The Name of the Wind, made me realize that even though my book is technically done, it is missing some important details.

In the last two days I have spent a lot of time–and by a lot, I mean A LOT (since I spend most of my time making sure my toddler doesn’t color on the walls again)–re-writing and adding much needed details to the first chapter of my book. The fact that it took two days to finish one chapter gives you some idea how many times I am interrupted while I’m writing. Nevertheless, the first chapter is ten times better than it was, and I’ve said goodbye to my writer’s block.

I also have a new appreciation for authors who take their sweet time releasing their books. I’m still not happy about it…but I get it. Once I finish this book, I hope to god I don’t spend nearly as much time on the second and third as I did the first. I really hope they come more easily to me since they are both halfway done anyway. I do need to go back and make major edits to them as well, but at least they have been started. I have really enjoyed working on three books at once. It’s helped me see where my story is going.

Spending this much time on a book makes me consider getting an editor, as much as I despise spending money. I think it would be worth it in the end. So, that along with getting some beta readers will be my next task. I’ve been a little hesitant to post any of my book on my blog yet. I’m not ready for that, but I do think I’m almost ready to send it off for other people to individually read, criticize, and help edit.

My goal this week is to complete the details and fill out the rest of my story. That might be a lot to expect since it takes me about 30 minutes to write one paragraph right now, but I’m going to at least try since I’ve finally gotten rid of this writer’s block.