Heather has critiqued and developmentally edited several of my manuscripts and her work is excellent. Thorough, balanced feedback and edits combined with professional support has enabled me to hone my manuscripts for publication. The concise quality of her work has allowed me to edit efficiently and improve as a writer. I trust her, and enjoy my working relationship with her. –Stefanie Simpson @simpson_romance


The manuscript critique I received from H.A.Lynn was for the first few chapters of my book, A Kingdom of Exiles. And yet, that was more than enough for me to see how talented she is as an editor. Her advice was professional, insightful, and friendly. I can’t give her any higher praise than saying she helped me see what wasn’t working in those first crucial chapters, and it was because of her insight that I was able to make the book better. I would highly recommend H.A.Lynn’s editing services to any writer looking for help on their manuscript. –S.B. Nova @sbnova1

Heather’s feedback and suggestions were just what I needed at this stage of my manuscript. She helped me cut unnecessary passages, get my word count down, and smooth out clunky scenes. Her insight was great, and I still refer back to her write-up sheet to make sure I’m on track. –Haley M. Godwin @haleymgodwin

I contacted Heather to provide a manuscript critique on my book. Her insights into the characters and scenes, as well as the movement through the plot, were incredibly helpful for editing my work in preparation to send it out for queries. With her assistance, my manuscript secured a literary agent! I hope to work with Heather on all my future projects. –Carolan Wimberly @carolanwimberly 

Heather is a thoughtful reader with a keen eye for character and mechanics across a number of genres. Whether you’re looking for someone to read between the lines or beyond them, her feedback will help you make your manuscript the best that it can be. She’ll be a beta of mine for a long time to come –r. r. campbell@iamrrcampbell

I came across Heather recently and discovered that not only does she write, but she’s a beta reader as well. I provided her with a half completed manuscript and asked her to provide me with feedback on how the story read so far. She quickly provided me with valuable feedback on plot line, character development and structure in return. Since I write comedy, it’s important for me to know if the humor works. It was a positive experience, and I plan to send her the entire manuscript once it’s completed. –Willie Handler @WillieHandler

Heather is a phenomenal beta reader. I hesitate a little writing her such a stellar review because I want her eyes all for my own writing endeavors, but the truth is she’s one of the very best. Her thoughtful questions, eye for grammar and attention to the little details have helped elevate my writing to a new level. After sending her my first chapter, I immediately knew that she “got” my writing (which is a *must* for any author), and that she would be a valuable resource for making my book the best it can be. I’m always excited to receive feedback from Heather and will continue sending her chapters and words to look over. –Noelle Nicoles @noelle_nichols

I am so thankful I found Heather to be my beta reader. She read my draft at record speed, yet gave me thoughtful, helpful feedback. She understood my characters as I intended them to be, and pointed out some of my overall grammatical errors. Her enthusiasm for my work has been very inspirational. I highly recommend her services. –Ada Austen @adaausten

I recently contacted Heather about my short story to get some structural feedback. She responded quickly, giving me a detailed critique of the story. Her constructive criticism is both positive and helpful. I am very satisfied with her help and will certainly go to her with future projects. She is definitely a person that cares about your story, and is dedicated to helping writers succeed. –Andrew Beane