My Own Voices

What would it be about? I wondered. A lot. Which is why I’m working on a secretive(ish) project.

I’m thinking magical realism… maybe. Right now, in draft form, it’s contemporary romance.

I’m super hesitant to share this story. Some people will not like it…despite it being fictional. Some people might not like how it ends, others will love it. But the subtext is there, hopefully, otherwise I’m not doing a good job of “writing what I know.”

So, what is CHARLIEBEE about? A girl named Charlie, who’s given a unicorn against her parents’ wishes.

Yeah, I’m serious.

Charlie starts to question her reality, beliefs, and what true love really means.

I’m still working on the unicorn thing. This is the secret part of the story I’m not entirely sure how this will go.

Vague enough for you?

Here’s a happy graphic I made for a temporary book cover because I’m thinking wattpad. Maybe. It’s still up in the air. I mean, this story barely has a plot.

What I do know is that Charlie is in high school and really cares about Bee. A lot of the story will include Charlie’s sketch book and artwork… sooo, I’m thinking about doing my own sketches and pieces for this–a bit of an own collection.

It’s going to be amazing, cute, and awkward as hell. (Here’s hoping my parents never ever read it). There also might be donuts and cupcakes involved.

Did I mention the unicorn?

I could potentially turn this into a kids book too. We’ll see. I have big plans for this one (ya know, the wip I shouldn’t be working on right now because I’m editing Crystal Chaos).

Stay tuned, and keep checking #charliebee for more aesthetics and words I throw together as I go. (It really is a crisis when I have no outline for a story. Send help.)