No Cure Required by Stefanie Simpson

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

Summary via Amazon:

Willow Morris lives with a disabling illness that’s changed her life, but events at home force her to make a break for a new life. Chadford promises so much for her, but a man, especially an intimidating one who reminds her of the past was the last thing she wanted.

Matt Denbridge has everything he needs but as a pansexual dominant, he struggles to connect with others. Meeting the vulnerable, sweet and beautiful Willow changes that, but she needs help and care, and he knows he’s the one to give it to her.

When her past, and his ex catch up with them both, it threatens the delicate bond they have.

How can she reconcile her desire and submit to another man, and how can he convince her she’s safe?

My Review: If I had to choose one book for you to read out of the entire series of standalone novels, it would be THIS ONE. I just finished re-reading No Cure Required and Matt is still my favorite book boyfriend of all time!

Willow is escaping a toxic past when she meets Matt, who is just the BEST. He’s sensitive, caring, and a big teddy bear of scary when he needs to be. He’s desperate for a relationship, someone to love and care for, and Willow craves the safety he can provide.

No Cure Required is an enthralling tale of love and trust between two well-rounded characters I deeply care about. As an abled body person, this is an eye-opener, a window into the life of a disabled character I can empathize with, even if I can’t relate with every sensitive issue in this own voices tale.

Thank you, Stefanie, for sharing this with me and your readers. It will forever be a favorite of mine, one I will greedily read over and over. We need more books like this one!

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