Valentine’s 3 Ebook Giveaway

My Valentine’s Gift to you! Enter to win one of three amazing ebooks 📚❤️ Click the images to be linked to Twitter, where you can retweet and comment which book you’d like to win! If you don’t have twitter, please comment on my blog post about which of these you are most interested in. I encourage you all to follow these authors on social media. They are lovely, talented women!

The Aeon Chronicles by April M Woodard

51YNTM6yfjLThe best speculative romance of the ‘fallen’ angel and creation story I’ve read in a long time! Woodard captured my heart with light and dark, intriguing characters, who must choose between their faith and loyalty to their King or exile from their heaven.
H.A.LYNN’s Review

Victorian Mistress by Jesse Stuart

victorian mistress 7[1761]Full of clever metaphors, unique vampire romance, and a badass female protagonist, you won’t want to miss out on this fast-paced historical fiction!

A Kingdom of Exiles by S.B.Nova

51iiqckgnxl._sy346_I love Frazer most, a brooding, darker Fae character you don’t expect to take on such a huge role in Serena’s life. Their vulnerability as individuals is intensified by their friendship and their characters strengthened by it. This is so well done! I was taken completely off guard by the uniqueness of their relationship.