Valentine’s Giveaway: A Good Night’s Sleep by Stefanie Simpson


Stefanie Simpson has made me a new lover of contemporary and erotic romance! I laughed, cried, blushed, and clapped throughout the adorably aggravating relationship that is Effie and Stuart. I could not put this book down and didn’t want it to end. -H.A.LYNN

For Valentine’s, I’m buying one winner a copy of this fabulous romance by Stefanie Simpson! Giveaway ends 2/15/19.

Effie Baxter leaves home for a new life in Chadford city after a devastating humiliation at the hands of her ex, leaving her family and best friend behind.

Friendly and sweet, she knocks on her new neighbour’s door to make friends. Except the man who opens that door is miserable and mean, but gorgeous.

Stuart just wants to sleep, his chronic insomnia is killing him, and the gorgeous little redhead that knocked on his door wasn’t helping matters. That was until after a drunken night in she became his cure.

However, Stuart’s impulses and sexual desires repulse him, making it difficult to do what he wants the most, and make Effie his.
Between Effie and her best friend, they make a mission out of helping Stuart, but life doesn’t go to plan for Effie, or for Stuart.
How can Stuart get over himself, and put the mess he makes of things right?

New City Series books are stand-alone novels, written in UK English.

WARNING: strong language, strong adult themes, and explicit content throughout (including BDSM with restraints and spanking. Miscarriage.)

Read H.A.LYNN’s review before you enter!