The Way Home by Stefanie Simpson

New City Series Book 2

My Rating: 5/5 stars

Summary via Amazon: Em Riley was queen of her life once but caring for the father she never knew before his death made her take stock.
Facing the past, reassessing the choices she made, and facing up to the anxiety and depression she lives with, puts her on hold.

She needs to get on with her life, and ‘Mr Tall Dark and Scowls’ who moves into her street, might be what she needs to do that. But they both have secrets, and sometimes you can’t get beyond them.

Ryan, ex-army, double amputee, and rehab specialist can’t shake the feeling he’s met the pin-up girl before, but learning the truth is hard to take, especially considering he struggles to make friends, never mind have relationships.

How can they reconcile the past, and deny the visceral attraction between them? Neither of them is ready for what’s in store, and what they find in each other.
New City Series are stand-alone novels and can be read in any order, written in UK English.

WARNING: Contains frequent explicit material, language, and adult content throughout.

My Review: Em and Ryan struggle with their own issues, both relatable even if you’ve never walked in their shoes. Ryan being disabled and Em facing her mental illness is written so well, and I love that Em calls Ryan “Mr. Tall Dark and Scowls.” Lol. I chuckled every time. The distance the two put between each other (including literal distance) killed me, and I was cheering by the end of the story.

I saw a lot of myself in Em, which was fun, and it’s probably why I loved this book so much… Well, let’s be honest, I love all of Simpsons’ books! She has a way with building multi-dimensional characters; you can’t pick just one favorite!

I read this book for my own enjoyment. See my review of A Good Night’s Sleep and Saving Suzy, as well as my review of Simpson’s books on Wattpad! (to be updated/posted).