Saving Suzy by Stefanie Simpson

New City Series Book 3

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

Summary via Amazon: 

“Suzy Martin doesn’t need fixing. She doesn’t want a relationship, and she’s happy with who she is. Estranged from her family with a difficult past, she lives two lives: work Suzy, and Domme. What she does need is a man who’ll let her take control and who shares her sexual desires. Easier said than done. When she meets Nathan Maxwell, her temporary boss, she thinks she’s found the perfect short-term fling.

Submitting to a woman never occurred to the young widower, but Suzy takes Nathan on a journey of self-discovery of his sexuality and helps him move on from his grief. She is everything he never knew he wanted and is willing to change his life for her. It’s a shame the buttoned-up vixen that drives him wild won’t even listen.

Nathan’s only in Chadford for a few months before he moves on, and as much as he wants more from Suzy, she can’t give it to him, can she?

New City Series books are in UK English and are all stand-alone novels set in the fictional city of Chadford, a place people go for a fresh start in life.

Saving Suzy has been extensively rewritten from the first edition.

WARNING: Saving Suzy contains strong language, adult themes, and explicit sexual content from the start including BDSM, restraints, punishment, and anal.
Contains references to an abusive relationship, hospital stay, infertility, and death.”

My Review: Dominant leading lady! Submitting to a woman never occurred to Nathan, and I was pleasantly surprised how sweet and steamy these two characters are. Nathan’s backstory is heartbreaking. Suzy’s is infuriating. And, trying to get them both to work through their past and come together was a couple is frustratingly entertaining.

As always, Simpson’s characters are well developed. I love how each of her stories intertwines with the others, allowing you to meet all the characters and see how they fit together as well as separately in the New City world. I can’t put down her romances, be it this series, or her freebies on Wattpad. I’m now a romance reader thanks to Stef! Thanks for sharing this series with me! I highly recommend it.

I read this book for my own enjoyment. See my review of A Good Night’s Sleep and The Way Home by Stefanie Simpson.