Author Stefanie Simpson

I was never one for romance. I avoided it for a long time, finding most books sappy, boring, with the same characters, redundant situations, overused troupes, nothing really original, total eye-roll. I didn’t care much for erotica because, I guess, none of the authors I followed did it right. I especially avoided best-sellers… Still do, because why certain books made top charts I’ll never know. But, Simpson’s stories are another level of uniqueness; they’ll enchant you and draw you in so deep you can’t stop reading or take a breath until you finish all the books! You care about her characters, you love them, you are them.

My obsession started with Not Going Anywhere, a New City Short Story. I heart Poppy most… I think (shh don’t tell Effie!). From there, I read all the shorts, as well as finishing the New City books 1-3 and reviewing them here, Amazon, and Goodreads. I’m now on to finishing Demon Beauty, her Beauty and the Beast retelling you can find here on Amazon.

You can find Stefanie Simpson’s works on Amazon or Wattpad!
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