What do I even choose?

I could work on my Zahra wip, the one about magic and shapeshifters and zombies. My first draft is finished, but there are some plot holes I need to patch and a whole lot of revisions to make before I sent it to more betas. This is a standalone. This one is closer to being finished than the others, buttttt…

Then there’s my Tinker Bell retelling I’ve been dying to get back to. Tinsley is stuck in an mmorpg and must stop Pan, a non-playable character, from escaping into her reality. This is halfway written. About 30k in I got stuck. Now I need to figure out how the story ends, or at least how to get there. (Yeah, yeah, J.M. Sullivan, I know you’re waiting on this one!)

And then there’s the original Fae story I’ve written and re-written. I tore it apart after starting it in 2012… boy, did my writing suckkkkk back then. So many holes in this story now. I have a beginning, a few scenes, and an ending. I have the ending of book 2 done, and know where book 3 is going.

There are a few short stories I could work on, post to wattpad as freebies. OR, I could come up with something completely new and work on it. So, what do you think? Zombie Voodoo, Tinker Bell, Fae, Shorts, or New? Help me pick! I’m so torn.

I’m not sure how much time I’ll be able to dedicate to campnano, but I’m going to do my best. I’ll be editing someone’s wonderful wip in July as well. If you’d like to join my cabin, send me your username, I’ll add you to the #witlingwriter cabin!

Decisions, decisions…

Let’s do a poll on twitter @halynnbooks