WIP Naughty List

This week, I’m doing the Naughty List writing tag from Jenna Moreci


1) Provide a brief description of your novel before beginning. NO MORE THAN 5 SENTENCES.

2) If your cast is fewer than 15 characters, you can’t use the same name more than twice. If your cast is larger than 15 characters, you can’t use the same name more than once.

My Work in Progress (WIP): Tinsley is sucked into a MMORPG, where she must stop Pan, a non-playable character, from escaping the game into her reality.  


#1 Which character is SO into the holidays, they nearly cause a street-wide power outage from all their Christmas lights?

Des will eventually be my light-talent fairy. His lack of control over this skill causes a lot of problems for the entire guild (and team). Causing a street-wide power outage from Christmas lights is nothing.

#2 Which character attends the office New Year’s party with ONE date…and goes home with someone else?

It’s not Jamie’s fault for being a smoldering looker. But, don’t worry, Tink will set him straight, and will make sure no one goes home with him except her.

#3 Which character is more than happy to steal Hanukkah gelt from poor, unsuspecting children? [Note: Hanukkah gelt = chocolate coins]

Kyto, the dragon, is hoarding so much treasure as it is. I doubt he’d give two thoughts to stealing candy from children. Though, I could see Pan doing this too, and convincing Wendy to help him.

#4 Fill in the blanks: I saw ____[character]____ doing a whole lot more than ____[verb]____-ing Santa Claus. They were full on ____[action]____.

Not Lily. She’s too busy kissing Wendy under the mistletoe to worry about Santa.

#5 One of your characters decides to pregame before church and passes out in the middle of the Christmas service. Which character is it?

Dammit, Hook. Bloody pirate wouldn’t have made it to the church in the first place.

#6 Which character hasn’t been seen since winter began because they refuse to deal with the snow? 

Tinsley (Tink) struggles with snow. She hates climbing the mountain to the dragons lair because she can’t use her wings without them freezing.

#7 Which character completely forgot about the holidays and ends up re-gifting to everyone? 

Unnamed fairy, who’s scared of everything and a bit of a clumsy fool. He’d forget which foot to put in front of the other if Tink wasn’t around to lead him.

#8 Which character has such crappy luck, they only discover their potato allergy after pigging out on latkes?

Wendy’s luck is running out. No matter what she does, she’s failing to protecting herself and everyone she cares about, or doesn’t feel she can at all. Poor Wendy.

#9 The Krampus has arrived to punish your very bad characters. Which character is kinda into it?

Maybe a mermaid/water talent character. No other characters come close to fitting this description yet. Hook might find it an intriguing challenge.

#10 One of your characters should be on the naughty list, but has convinced Santa to clear their name. Which character is it, and what was their means of persuasion? 

Pan. He could hack Santa’s computer, put all other characters on the naughty list, and even convince Santa to give him all their gifts. He’s kinda the worst.

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