North by Lizzy Ford

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

Summary via Goodreads: “Josie Jackson is whisked further into the past, to the era of Vikings and the (almost) eternal winters of Norway. Carter, the mastermind behind her foray through time, reveals that she’ll be remaining there for six years – assuming she survives the first winter. To complicate matters, Josie has an unexpected health condition, one that threatens her life more than the frigid cold, Viking raids and wild animals.”

My Review: Lizzy Ford’s done it again! ♥ I sat down to read this book last night and couldn’t put it down until I finished it.

The pace, tension, and nonstop action kept me glued to the page and huddled under my covers (I was worried my cat might come attack my foot at the worst possible moment, and was terrified with no tall tree to hide in. lol). 

The biggest difference between this book and the others is Josie’s character change. She’s changing to adapt to her surroundings to protect those who are precious to her, instead of relying on a man/husband to protect her. 

Carter, the evil genius who’s been throwing her around in time, is as infuriating as ever. However, this is the first time I made a prediction about his characterand I’m excited to say, “I KNEW IT!” Love the kink Lizzy threw in at the end, adding to the tension. Readers are going to flip out over this, especially since she leaves you you hanging. 

Even with the mini cliff-hanger at the end, the conflict of this particular story in the series is met by the ending. The book is well written and characters are well developed. Lizzy Ford’s writing style is one of my all-time favorites, and the book covers for all three of the History Interrupted series are beautiful.

This has become a series I impatiently anticipate release dates of. Grab a copy of these three books immediately and get on the Lizzy Ford crazy, fan-train with me! I’m obsessed with all her books. She’s fantastic.

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