Peter Pan by J.M.Berrie

My Rating: 3/5 stars

Kindle Version

Short Summary via Goodreads: “Peter Pan, the book based on J.M. Barrie’s famous play, is filled with unforgettable characters: Peter Pan, the boy who would not grow up; the fairy, Tinker Bell; the evil pirate, Captain Hook; and the three children–Wendy, John, and Michael–who fly off with Peter Pan to Neverland, where they meet Indians and pirates and a crocodile that ticks.”

My Review: Peter Pan is such a weird story. This is the first time I’ve read it all the way through, after watching the play, Disney movie, and remakes. I prefer the remakes.

Knowing it’s a play, the writing style and interjecting narrative didn’t bug me too much, and the pace is consistent enough to keep my attention.

There’s nothing I like about the Darlings, Wendy, Jon, or Michael. Peter is an arrogant brat, who forgets everything all the time. Tinker Bell, who is my favorite, is a very minor character. Hook, I actually like the description of, but he’s a bit of a bore.

While I like the idea of a dark, violent Neverland and characters, for a children’s story I still prefer the Disney version, and even then I have some complaints. We won’t even go into my opinion of Barrie’s, or Disney’s, take on the Indians.

There are so many things wrong with this book, but the idea behind it is what I think draws you in. I couldn’t put it down, even though I was cringing during parts of it. Overall, I’ll continue to re-watch the remakes, which are way more kid friendly than this book and less offensive. I’m crossing my fingers Disney will remake it one day, keeping in line with the Disney Fairy stories they’ve been producing–I love the Tinker Bell movies.