Packing for Camp

My current goal for July is 50k word count for a Dystopian Tinker Bell retelling.
Working Title/Cover temporary.

Pixie Dust


It’s been a challenge working on this outline. I went back and read Peter Pan by JM Berrie, but as fun as it was to read, it wasn’t much help. I’ve also binged watching the Disney Tinker Bell movies for inspiration. So far, I have a beginning and end, but the middle is lacking. I’m also struggling to decide if this will be a pure dystopian tale, or include some fantasy and/or sci-fi. My thoughts are all over the place, and I’m scrambling to figure it all out this week. But, I’m excited to get writing! Tinker Bell is my favorite character ♥

Seeing how this will be the first time I’ve ever participated in Camp Nanowrimo, I’m pretty excited. I’ve somehow managed to herd the #witlingwriter gang on twitter to join me in a cabin. We are looking forward to getting started on current or new works-in-progress. If you’re interested in joining our cabin, contact me for more information or message me on Twitter @annhlynn.

Camp-2017-Participant-Twitter-Header (1)

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