False River by H.G. Reed 

My Rating: 5/5 stars

Short Summary via Amazon:

“When the devil slinks into a small mountain town seeking a favor from a familiar face, a haunted farmer strikes a deal to restore the soul he sold over ten years ago. But secrets never stay buried, and Joe Lawson is willing to risk everything to save his family from the devil’s wrath, even if it means working with her again…and killing for her. When angels intervene to lend their aid, Joe must confront his past, present and future before his forty days are up, or else lose everything that matters in this world.”

My Review: 

I enjoyed this inspirational and thought-provoking story of a man who needs a miracle to save his soul, family and land. In the end, he learns his freewill remains intact, and it’s his choices which determine the outcome of his story. God is ultimately in control, even when Joe feels his life is spiraling out of it. 

My only critique is of the background storytelling of Joe and his wife Catherine. There’s so much of it, it slowed the pace of the action in the first few chapters. The story, for me, starts when the angels arrive. I wish it would have started here, filling in the backstory as it goes without so much telling. This being said, the characters are well-developed and the pacing picks up, keeping you emersed in the story until the end. 

Reed’s writing style makes this book a quick and easy read, while discriptively building up to the climax, where the Angels go to war with the Devil over the soul of man. 

I was given this ARC free for review, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Congratulations to H.G. Reed on her book release. I hope it’s one of many to come. I look forward to reading more from you in the future.