Voyager by Carl Rackman

34334877My Rating: 5/5 stars


Short Summary:
FBI agent, Brad Barnes, fights for the survival of the human race against conspirators after Callie Woolf, the Voyager Project Manager, uncovers a series of increasingly disturbing images picked up by a tiny prob that’s hurtling through outer space more than twelve billion miles from Earth.

Voyager is a riveting sci-fi conspiracy thriller! It’s well written, full of descriptive detail and well-rounded characters. From page one, I was gripped by Brad, my favorite character, who can’t seem to catch a break. However, like agent Ferguson, I question the believably of his relationship with Mirage, a woman who tries to kill him.

The action scenes throughout the story set the pace for the book, keeping you engaged as you uncover the mysteries surrounding Voyager One. I did get tripped up a few times, getting lost in some of the lengthy paragraphs. There’s nothing specifically wrong with the narrative; the writing and descriptions are spot on, but I would have liked more paragraph breaks throughout the book. It would help maintain the pace through the explanations, jargon and the characters’ internal thoughts. I may have missed pieces of the story here, or felt I didn’t need the information to keep up, so I skipped it or skimmed it.

As the story progresses, there are more character perspectives added here-and-there, which I liked. It helped me see clearly the picture the author was trying to paint. There were, however, a few chapters that switched pov within the same scene, which I found distracting. Some of these were minor mistakes, but others were unnecessarily used to expand on an idea or situation.

Overall, I enjoyed this thrilling sci-fi, and look forward to finding out where the characters go from here. My reviews of Voyager are on Goodreads and Amazon, and I follow Carl Rackman on Twitter and Facebook.