Harvest Festival by Karl Drinkwater

My Rating: 5/5 stars

Audio Version Review

Short Summary: Something sinister has come to Callum’s isolated Welsh farm. To save his family, he must learn what it is and find a way to stop them if he can.

My Review:

The good…

A unique and clever take on an alien invasion. I have no complaints about the story, and felt it flowed well. As far as I could tell from the audio version, it’s written well. The imagery is great; probably my favorite thing about this book. It didn’t make a difference to me that there weren’t chapters, and that the story runs from start to finish. As far as the story, characters, plot, suspense, etc. goes, this is a great book. I was hooked by the end, and would continue reading to find out what happens next!

The meh…

I grappled over whether this is a four or five star book because I didn’t enjoy the narrator at all. Her voice didn’t captivate me or keep me interested. I had to restart the first chapter three times, and found myself “rewinding” throughout the story. Due to this, It wasn’t as suspenseful, terrifying, or creepy as I had hoped. I wasn’t drawn into the story until the the family has to flee the house. In fact, I could have done without the entire beginning of the story. I’d much prefer to be thrown right into the action, and learn about the characters as it progressed from there. I don’t know if my opinion of this would change or not if I read the kindle version, or if someone else narrated it.

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