The Ghost Girl Chronicles

My Rating: 4/5 stars 

Short Summary: 

When Michael moves into his family’s new home, a ghost appears to him and asks him to help retrieve her buried bones from her serial killer’s basement, who just happens to live down the street. 

My Review:

This book was a rollercoaster. It had me on the edge of my seat the entire length of the book. I really did enjoy reading it. And, this might be one of my favorite covers. 

I’m only rating it four stars, though. I tried to overlook the longwinded paragraphs of extra background and storytelling, which was a little easier to do since this book has a great pace to it, but there were entire paragraphs I could have done without. 

I was loving it, thinking five stars the entire time, but I lost interest when I found out the “secret” of Mariah, which was a huge bummer and could have been left out altogether too. It was unnecessary. Or, if it is necessary, a little prologue or something would have been a gentler way to introduce this twist. It took away the “ghostlike” feel of this story, which was the whole reason I ended up invested in this tale to begin with. 

This story was all about Micheal and then somehow the “hero moment” was passed off to Thea, which was kind of strange to me. I was waiting for Michael to do something, and was a tad disappointed. 

Overall, it’s a good story, save for the random secret twist at the end; big bummer for me. 

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