Writing Prompt #2

If you fell down a rabbit hole, what do you think you’d find?

My brain is half dead this morning, even after coffee, so this one was a struggle. My mind is on my book, which I stayed up late reading over last night. So, with that clouding my thoughts, I only came up with a few ideas, but not many details.

First, I thought about the rabbit hole being an obvious portal. If it’s a portal than it would be a hidden barrier between the human world and the spirit realm. More specifically, it would lead to my Fae world, which I write about in my Paranormal Romance series. Then I thought it might be more fitting for it to lead to the shadow realm, essentially Hell, which my character Kas calls his “paradise.”

If it didn’t lead to another realm, then I would just want to find a human-like rabbit, sipping tea in a large armchair, who tells me of all his magical adventures and reads me stories.