A Soul Divided by Daniel M. Quilter

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

Short Summary via Goodreads:
As the galaxy is torn apart by war between the Mystics and the technologically advanced Human Empire, Drake Ashbell finds himself caught up in a conflict that will take him to distant worlds, make him face his tragic past, and test the limits of his soul.

My Review:  Humorous, action-packed, sci-fi fantasy!

When I first started listening to the audio version, I wasn’t sold on this story because the audio lacked something…maybe it was simply the author’s unique touch, so I switched back over to reading the kindle version. I was able to go back and listen to the audio version again after getting a feel for the author’s writing, and enjoyed it immensely afterward.

Saying I love the character of Drake is an understatement. He’s a well-rounded character, funny and relatable, and not overly egotistical. Some of his dialogue made me laugh out loud; my favorite being: “Suck it Titus I stole it first.” I spent a good deal of time giggle about it before I was able to move on.

I don’t mind the “damsel-in-distress” characters in this book since everything was well executed, without being overly sappy or romantic; same can be said for Drake’s relationship with Angela.

Overall, I loved the action packed scenes, well-written characters, and Drake’s wit. I highly recommend this one to sci-fi fantasy lovers. It has a little bit of everything which makes up a good adventure tale. Both the kindle book version and audio get a 5 star review from me!