Meet H.A.Lynn: a little about me

Welcome to all my new followers! I’m honored you decided to join me. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself again, update my blog, and let you know what I’ve been up to this week.

First and foremost, I’m a mother and a wife. I have a toddler, who keeps me on my toes and unable to think straight most of the day; coffee is my saving grace, as well as my essential oils. Somehow, I manage to stay on top of three blogs, an Etsy shop, Instagram pages, Twitters, and Facebook pages/groups, all while reading your books and writing my own. Yeah, I know…I have no idea how it all gets done, especially since I also have to take care of laundry, food, a husband, and two cats, who think they are horses.

My good days start between 5-6am. Little Bear (his nickname) is an early riser, which is a blessing and a curse since my day also ends between 6-8pm. I spend most of the morning catching up on social media and making plans for the rest of the day. During the day, I listen to audio books or I spend my time writing. I usually can’t pick up my kindle or a hard copy of a book until the evening, when my husband gets home. Occupying Little Bear and play time takes up a lot of my time, so it amazes me how I even have time to get things done that I want to do, on top of the things I have to do.

I began a book review blog back in 2012 called Aroma Bookshelf, which has now transformed into this wonderful writing space. I hope to eventually use this webpage to promote my own books. And, don’t ask me what the title of my current book series is because I have absolutely no clue, even though I’m in the revision stages of completing it for self-publication. My plan for this paranormal series so far includes 3-4 books, which are mapped out; some partially completed.  My second book series in the works is a zombie/apocalyptic tale, intertwined with some voodoo witchcraft (super pumped about this one), which I’ve written a few chapters of and have completely mapped out as well. My hope is that I can start posting a few excerpts of both series soon.

In the meantime, I also keep up with a personal blog where I promote wellness through the use of essential oils, which you can order directly from me, or sign up to be a member of Young Living on your own through my page. My blog covers all things attachment-parenting and motherhood.

Along with OCM, I keep up a facebook page, twitter, instagram, and blog running for my diva cat, Molly. This is the most random thing I’ve ever done and not originally planned, but her rise to fame has helped aid our family in raising money for her brother, Marlowe’s expensive vet bills that have been piling up post surgery. Feel free to follow her if you love kitties. It’s been entertaining narrating her life.


And finally, littleBearEssentials is my etsy shop where I post homemade products along with my clay diffuser necklaces, which can be worn with or without the use of essential oils. I have pre-made necklaces, or you can customize your own. Occasionally, My husband creates custom stamps for me to use. You can follow littlebearessentials on instagram and facebook, but I post updates on oilycoconutmama as well.


For more, you can follow me on twitter @annhlynn, or you can public-follow me on facebook @hlizann (I’m a little picky about friend requests and will only accept if I know you, or follow you already).

Thanks again for following me!
See my blog posts below for my current reading list, as I plow through them and post reviews this week and next.