The Door: Part One by Lizzy Ford

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

There’s only one rule: never lock the door.”

Short Summary: 

Unusual strangers begin showing up at the bed and breakfast where Gianna is serving penance for a mistake that changed her normal life. After learning these strangers are from different worlds than her own, Gianna is left to decide whether or not she will become the new caretaker of the property, or return to NY to serve her time in jail. Frustrated and overwhelmed, Gianna defies the one rule she must never break, and locks the door. Her world will never be the same.

My Review:
There’s nothing I don’t like about this book. I have no critique of it whatsoever, which is not surprising since Lizzy is a writing goddess.

Gianna’s past life, and how she is immediately judged by others, is emotionally provoking. It reminds me of Broken Beauty, another of Lizzy’s novellas, in a way. She’s being punished for defending herself, and at times questions her own value, which is infuriating because none of this is her fault…except for when she decides to lock the door.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and all of Lizzy’s books that I’ve read so far. I LOVE that she has released audio versions too because I’ve been waiting very patiently for them, as I deal with a crazy toddler all day, who interrupts me every time I get a chance to sit down and read.