Wool, Shift, and Dust by Hugh Howey


My Rating Overall: 5/5 Stars

One of the best, and first, science fiction series I’ve read.
Hugh Howey is the reason I read and write with a passion. I would have never picked up sci-fi without Wool and Molly Fyde.

I was lucky enough to have met Hugh at Appalachian State in Boone, NC, before he took off on his wild adventures at sea. In fact, I don’t think Hugh had even finished releasing some of his books in the Wool series when he came to speak to one of my literature classes (roughly between 2011-2012 when they were first published).

I read the Wool books one-by-one, purchasing them all separately. Finally, I bought a paperback copy of the first omnibus he put together. Shift and Dust came later, which I purchased as e-books for my own enjoyment. It’s been fun, inspiring, and entertaining as hell to follow Hugh on his journey as a successful indie author.

Side note: I would never relate or compare this book to the Hunger Games. It’s on a level of its own; a very high level, with much better quality characters and writing style.

Short Summary via Goodreads


In a ruined and hostile landscape, in a future few have been unlucky enough to survive, a community exists in a giant underground silo. Jules is part of this community, but she is different. She dares to hope. And as her walls start closing in, she must decide whether to fight, or to die.


Donald Keene was recruited by the government to design an underground shelter. Over fifty years later Donald’s design has been realized and the last remnants of mankind live in his silo. But no one can remember what life was like before. In fact, they’re forced to forget. One simple pill erases a memory. And with it, any chance of hope.


In the aftermath of the uprising, the people of Silo 18 are coming to terms with a dangerous new order. And some want it destroyed. The battle has been won. The war is just beginning.