Curse Breaker: Enchanted by Melinda Kucsera


*unfinished book*

My Rating: 3/5 Stars

Short Summary via Amazon

Secrets threaten, but magic kills. All Sarn wanted was to get to work on time, do his job and go home to his secret son. Instead, he’s kidnapped by an enchanted tree and embroiled in a mystery so bizarre, it causes him to question everything he’s ever believed in.

My Review:

This is a hard review to write because I’m unsure if I will be finishing this book. It has the potential to be a great story, and I really do like the author’s writing in some places, but there are a few areas I think need some heavy revisions and editing. There are a lot of paragraphs that are redundant and repetitive. There’s also a lot of story-telling going on, instead of showing, which for me is sometimes long-winded and unnecessary. I’m more and more aware of the need for these edits as I read a variety of authors’ books, as well as while I’m revising my own.

Example: instead of a telling us that a character walked in and surprised everyone in the room, have another character show their shock by speaking up. Instead of a character stopping to allow people to pass, have the character extend their arm and say, “no, you first.” These are just minor examples, but hopefully you get my point. There are a lot of these little moments in just about every chapter, where Sarn could think or talk out-loud to himself, or the characters could be conversing instead of just acting it out.

After reading the sample, I’m torn between shelving this one or continuing, especially since realizing there are over 100 chapters in the actual book. The book does have some positive reviews though. I might have to come back to it when I have more time to spend in this world. For now, I’m shelving it as an unfinished book, which could use some revisions.


  1. Since I haven’t read Melinda’s books yet, I can’t confirm or deny the points you made here, but that being said it does sound like the books are quite lengthy, so perhaps in some areas there are more incidents of tell instead of show, letting the story continue at its intended pace. I appreciate the honesty, however. Constructive criticism is important to learn and grow.

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    1. Oh yes, there were plenty of areas where the show was fine. 🙂

      And the pace of the book was actually good. I just got lost in some of the more lengthy paragraphs of show, and some of the repetitiveness of them.

      I’ve been trying to be more constructive with my criticism in my more recent reviews, as I’m also learning some of these writing tips, lessons, and techniques as I read and write. I would hope someone would tell me these things too lol, and hope they do when I finally hit the publish button 😀

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      1. I agree. You always learn new things as you read and the more you write, the more you evolve. Looking back on my first book (admittedly, it has a few missing words I need to fix, but luckily, most people’s minds tend to fill them in automatically and they don’t notice) I wonder why I chose to write something in a particular way. I want to go back and do a complete re-edit, but I know it’s mostly a reflection of how much I’ve learned. It’s not ‘wrong’ and like any book, it’s not perfect and never will be. That’s part of the beauty of writing. 😊

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