Lizzy Ford Helps Marlowe

In an act of pure desperation last night, I began racking my brain to think of how I can get Marlowe’s story heard, shared, and potential donations. Though I didn’t get my hopes up and didn’t even really expect a response, I decided to message Lizzy Ford on Facebook; she answered.

I’ve done a LOT of reviews on her books, and she is one of my absolute favorite author. In my attempt to better help spread the “Lizzy Love,” I occasionally spread my reviews around social media, which I know indie authors are grateful for.

Lizzy is not just a fantastic writer, she is also an animal lover, with pets of her own. I knew that I had to at least try–though, I’ll admit being nervous as hell. I talked myself out of it a few times before I caved. I was pleasantly surprised when she responded to my message, stating she had not only shared the post, but also donated!

Lizzy Ford helped Marlowe! I almost cried, I am so happy. I love this author for so many reasons, but now my gratitude is more personal.

So, thank you Lizzy Ford, and thank you to all of you who have donated or are donating now! Our family is blessed to have such wonderful support.

Marlowe still needs help. ANY amount of a donation is helpful:

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