Hollowland by Amanda Hocking

My Rating: 4/5

Book 1 of the Hollows

Short Summary: Remy King must fight her way across America in hopes of finding her younger brother, while attempting to survive in zombie infested territory with a group of misfit friends she acquires on the way.

My Review: This book did not blow my mind, but it is one of the few zombie books that I have read and enjoyed. Remy is a strong female character, who won’t let anything stand in her way of finding her little brother after they are separated by a hoard of zombies.

The only problem I had with this book is the far-fetched idea of a lion as Remy’s pet and a few issues with power, electricity, and gas still being on. No matter how bad-ass this turns out to be in the end, it’s just a little silly. Remy’s lack of emotion is a bit irritating at times too. There are a few other events, characters, and situations that don’t fit well, but for the most part it’s just a fun story about the zombie apocalypse.

One thing that I did like about this story was the twist on the story at the end when you find out what could possibly be a cure for the outbreak of the zombie virus.

Out of the two Hollow books, this one was definitely the better one.

This book is a free e-book on Amazon for kindle.

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