Elemental Enmity (Books 1-4) by Christie Rich

My Rating: 5/5

First book in the Elemental Enmity series

Short Summary: When Rayla learns of her destiny and involvement in the Fae world, she must survive the unexpected arrival of the Fae warriors who are after her, on top of her aunt’s overprotective reaction to her running off to the college of her choice. Her world is about to be turned upside down as she uncovers her families secrets.

My Review: This was another free read that I picked up on amazon, and wasn’t sure how I would like it. I was instantly hooked, enjoying the normality of the beginning of the story and it’s quick, but smooth transition into the fantasy world.

Rayla can’t get a break. She goes from disobeying and fighting her aunt’s judgement of college, to disobeying and physically fighting to keep the Fae warriors away from her. This becomes increasingly difficult since the Fae are sexy men, trying to win her over with their charm and compulsion. I love the fact that some of the Fae men want to take Rayla by force, but others want to win her affections and honor her free will.

Rayla is another strong character that I like, and easy to relate to as a human who is completely shocked by the major changes in her environment. She holds her own against the men, but like any other woman, she can’t resist a handsome face and honorable charm.

My Rating: 5/5 stars

Second book in the Elemental Enmity series.

Short Summary: Forced into the world of the Fae, Rayla is forced to choose one of many sexy warriors to bond with in order to save the human world and lead the Fae world.

My Review: You can’t pry me away from these books.  This one of my new favorite series and author. Christie Rich is amazing with her descriptive world of the Fae and the sex gods that live in it.

The suspense of who Rayla will pick is intolerable at this point. I went on the emotion journey with her character as she went from hating the Fae lords, to falling for them one at a time, to her final crushing realization that she can only pick one. I couldn’t decide who I wanted her to end up with until the end of the third book, which had me on the edge of my seat.

(oops… Book 3 is missing! Stay Tuned for an update!)

My Rating: 5/5

Fourth book in the Elemental Enmity

Short Summary: Ever since she found out she is an Elemental, Rayla has been stalked by the sexy men of the Fae. However, she refuses to fall for any of their charms and enchantments until she is certain her powers will be honored by someone who will actually love and respect her as a bond mate. She is determined to do what is right for the people around her, while she maintains her individuality from the traditions of their world.

My Review: Obsession doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about this series. Christie Rich is an author I randomly discovered on Amazon, and I’m so glad I did.

I was skeptical of the Fae men and their desire for the human in this series. The fact that they are all fighting over her, attempting to win her over, and their lust that follows didn’t win me over at first. However, after I was introduced to each male character, as Rayla spends time with them, her emotions and feelings toward them became my own.

These books are written in Rayla’s perspective for the most part, which makes it really easy to follow her thoughts and emotions as she struggles to make the decision to pick only one of these handsome men to bond with. And if I may say so, I do believe she made the right decision. Rayla’s independent attitude makes her a bad-ass character, who plays really hard to get. You all know I love a strong female character!

I hated that this book had to end, and I’m secretly hoping that it’s not the end of Rayla’s adventures. This is a series that I haven’t been able to put down.

I bought this book for my own enjoyment, and I believe the first one is free on Amazon.