The Rhyn Trilogy (1-3) by Lizzy Ford

My Rating: 5/5

Book One in the Rhyn Trilogy

Short Summary: Katie rescues an Ancient from Hell after her life is turned upside down by the existence of the immortal world. With Death knocking on their door, Rhyn and Katie begin to coexist as mates, not expecting the desire that is kindled between them.

My Review: I can’t put anything that Lizzy Ford writes down to save my life. I’m in love with this author, and the characters that she magically creates. If there was one author that I had to pick (other than Hugh Howey, of course) that has inspired me to keep writing it would be Lizzy Ford.

Not only do I love these characters, but I am really enjoying the fact that this is a back story to Rhyn, a character that you meet in the Rhyn Eternal series. It’s always fun to continue the first series that you fell in love with through a separate story, illustrating the lives and events of the more secondary characters.

This book is/was free on Amazon. Please check out everything that Lizzy Ford writes because she is amazing. I will be continuing to read everything this woman writes.

Stay tuned for books 2 & 3