The Girl in the Box 1-3 by Robert J Crane

Rating: 5/5

The first three books in The Girl in the Box series is free to read on Amazon

I’ve already posted reviews on the first two books that can find following this review, at the bottom.

My Overall Review:

This series has kept me on the edge of my seat, up all night trying to finish book after book. The first book did a really good job of building toward the next books in the series. Untouched, book two, was more of a “filler book” for me that helped build on some of the other characters, as well as helping me to get into the mind of the main character, Sienna. Finally, Soulless gave me a lot of answers to questions I’ve been waiting for, while also completely surprising me.

I highly recommend grabbing this set while it’s free. I plan on continuing the series and buying the following books for my own enjoyment. Check out my other reviews on these books in the links above!

Rating: 4/5

Book 1 in The Girl in the Box series

Short Summary:

Sienna has been held in captivity all her life. First, in her own home with her mother, and now again as her safety is in danger. She struggles to understand her destiny as a meta-human, and how her mother’s fierce training has been preparing her for what is to come. Sienna’s goal in this story is to find out more about who she is, what she was created for, and where her mother has disappeared to. However, enemies threaten her before she is even able to understand her purpose.

My Review:

I randomly search for free books on Amazon when I run out of things to do, and I just happened to come across the box set of this series. I can usually tell within the first few pages if it’s worth the read or not, and with this one I was pleasantly surprised. I’ll be honest, with some of the reviews I read I wasn’t sure I was even going to make it through this one. Many of the reviews said this was “one dimensional,” and where I can kind of see what they mean, I feel like this book is a nice build up to what is to come –Hoping that what is to come really kicks ass. Since I have the box set, I knew I would be judging the story based on more than one book itself, so I kept a pretty open mind. There are a lot of things not answered in this book, so I can see how readers could have been frustrated if they did not continue reading the series.

HINT: Before you read a book, make sure it’s not part of a series. This way you are able to remember that the author is building toward something and that it’s not supposed to be a stand-alone story. I think this is an issue that a lot of readers have, especially if they only got the first book because it might be free on Amazon. I see it happen a lot in reviews. That’s not saying that the first book in a series won’t suck, but it helps you keep an open mind.

Sienna is another strong female character that I really enjoyed following. The harsh discipline her mother instilled in her gives her the ability to stand up for herself. She seems to still have a long way to go as far as her physical abilities, and I’m anxious to see what she ends up doing with that power. Her final show down wasn’t too much of a surprise though, and if you followed the hidden symbols and meanings throughout, you could kind of end up guessing what was going to happen.

Her fight with her current enemy, Wolfe, at first seemed to drag on for no reason, but after piecing together more of her life, her mother’s history, and her “destiny,” I can start to see why the author chose to focus on her struggle against Wolfe instead of giving the reader more information up front. I’m not even that upset that Sienna chooses to confront Wolfe, multiple times, instead of relying on others to help her. The main reason being because the author has made Wolfe into such a murderous creature that you can’t help but be disgusted by him and want him dead. Though it might seem selfish at times, the events build up so nicely that it doesn’t seem like Sienna is making irrational decisions, though some might say she is.

My entire existence was circumscribed by the same walls I was looking at now, the walls of this house…

This specifically sums up the entire book nicely as Sienna begins to overcome her fears and faces a final challenge to be free. To me, I think that is ultimately the point of her face offs with Wolfe and why the author chose to focus on these two characters throughout this book.

I gave this book 4/5 stars because it was one that continued to keep me up reading throughout the night to see what would happen next. I also wanted to make sure that all the characters were safe from Wolfe in the story before going to bed. Personally, I would hate to turn around and find him in my closet. He’s disgustingly terrifying.

I did really like this book. I’m anxious to continue reading the next two books in the box set. I still have a lot of questions about Sienna’s mother, some of the other characters, and Sienna’s own mind and her abilities.

Rating: 5/5

The Girl in the Box Book #2

Short Summary: Sienna struggles against the creepy inner thoughts of Wolfe, while having to fight another meta-human, who is out to destroy the city.

My Review:
Wolfe is creepier than ever, but cracks me up every time his input irritates Sienna. I was unsure how his haunting presence was going to effect the story, but I’m glad the author kept him around. I knew there had to be a reason why he continues to be a major character.

I’m really glad that even though Sienna is starting to trust others around her, that she still makes her own decisions to go after Gavrikov, knowing her own strength. She finally admits that she will no longer hide or stand by while innocent people are killed.

No real complaints about this book. It was definitely a “filler,” and I wasn’t really excited about the new meta-human. I am anxious to see how Gavrikov and Wolfe will entertain me in the third book as now they are both haunting Sienna’s mind.

Now, what happened to Sienna’s mother? What’s Reed up to, why is he important, and where did Sienna’s aunt come from?! So many questions that I still need answered.

I found books 1-3 on Amazon for free!