The Premonition Series 1-4 by Amy Bartol

My Rating: 3/5

First book in the Premonition Series

Short Summary: Evie is a freshman in college, making sorority friends and getting hit on by pretty boys. One guy in particular, Reed, seems dangerous, but she can’t stay away from him. His strange behavior makes Evie begin to question who he is and what he wants from her. When things begin to unravel around her, she depends on Reed to help keep her and her friends safe, and ends up finding out who and what he really is.

My Review: I am hooked to this story, which means I still have to know what’s next. However, I hate that it’s in the present tense. It would have been ten times better in first person past. It took me a long time to get over how it’s written and I’m still not happy about it.

I’m still not sure if I like how this one ends. I’m upset to learn the truth about certain characters by the end. I’m also not sold on the relationship between Reed and Evie. It’s too male dominate and way too much like every other paranormal or fantasy romance: boy is weird, tries to stay away from girl, but fails and now is way too over protective to the point she disobeys him and gets herself in trouble. He has to come to her rescue. I’m too into the story now and can’t back out, so I will be continuing the series and hoping it gets better. It’s entertaining. Most of the time I was taken by surprise, so it does keep you on your toes. I’m just hoping things spiral even more out of control and Evie ends up with someone unexpected.

I bought this e-book for my personal enjoyment. My co-worker, Jen, recommended it to me after falling in love with the series.

My Rating: 5/5

Second book in The Premonition Series

Short Summary: Evie worries for her friends’ lives as demons and angels alike continue to hunt her down in order to obtain her soul. This book follows Evie and Russell’s perspectives of the events that play out, leading up to Evie’s final choice of who she will chose romantically, Russ or Reed.

My Review: It took a lot for me to get into the first book, so I’m very happy to say that this book exceeded my expectations and had me wondering what would happen next. Instead of constantly focusing on the romantic relationship between Evie and Reed, this story is the continuation of Evie and Russell’s training, as well as the sacrifices they are willing to make in order to keep their loved ones safe. However, Reed isn’t completely forgotten. By the end, Evie must decide between her Angel, Reed, or her soul mate, Russell.

I loved that this book involved the training of the angels. I also really enjoyed the action scenes, in which Evie and Russell must avoid being caught or killed, as well as the deaths of characters we have been aching to see defeated. Thirdly, the new characters introduced give the story a whole new level of danger and excitement.

Overall, I was surprised that the story flowed well, the additions to the characters did not throw off the overall plot, and that the book didn’t lose the sexual and romantic tension between the characters, due to the new action and events around them. I am anxious to see what the third book will bring.

My Rating: 3/5

Third Book in the Premonition Series

Short Summary: A true “Beauty and the Beast” tale.  Evie sacrifices herself and all she loves in the attempt to save her friends. Her powers are quickly developing, but she still struggles to convince Reed that she can be of assistance when both heaven and hell are after her soul.

My Review: This book was not my favorite of the Premonition Series. I’m still very tired of Evie getting herself in to trouble and not being able to do anything to get herself out of it. This book does show her progress in her magical/paranormal abilities, but it’s still not enough for me. Every single time she gets into trouble, she attempts to protect the men in her life that she loves, when in reality they still have to come to her rescue. I was really fed up with her thinking that she can protect Reed, or even the other guys in this book, when really she still can’t do anything to protect herself. I have to give her credit for being brave and trying though.

The reason I didn’t absolutely hate this book is because she does get to spend her time with a new group of people in this story. I really had to push myself through this book though. I do like how Evie’s character tries her hardest to change the darkest of hearts. She is very persistent and stubborn, which is a good and bad trait for her to have.

Overall, I can’t bring myself to give this any more than 3 stars, even though I love the story.

I bought this book for my own enjoyment

My Rating: 4/5

Fourth book in the Premonition Series

Short Summary: Evie has just barely had time to be united with her friends again before being taken away by Brennus, who is always crazy with lust and love for Evie. Not only are we introduced to more of the Gancanagh, we also get a closer look at high ranking angels, namely Evie’s father and Xavier.

My Review: More men in love with this one woman…seriously? The battle over Evie is stressful enough with Russell, Brennus, and Reed fighting for her affections, but I guess the author thought it best if we had more sexy men to fall in love with…or hate. It really is unnecessary though.

I’m not a huge Brennus fan, but I did like him a lot more in this book than in the last. I don’t think I would love him at all if he wasn’t Irish. He opens up to Evie more in this story, and is pretty welcoming when she is brought into his home. He and his followers are just as protective over her as Reed is, but his desires are clearly blinding him to what will truly make her happy. I don’t see what the big obsession is with his character to some readers because to me he is maddening and ridiculous. When I was first introduced to Reed and Russell I hated both of them too, so I guess the relationship I have with these men is always going to be that of love and hate.

The main reason I get so irritated with this series is because no one seems to have a solid plan that will actually work. They all seem confused or do things on a whim. I would love to see the book more from Reed’s perspective because I really want to be able to feel his anger and sadness every time Evie goes behind his back, or when someone takes her from him. I don’t feel like there is enough anger seeping from him, only worry. I’m still waiting for him to do something completely uncharacteristic and lash out irrationally. I am curious to know if Reed is starting to wonder if he should just let her go all together. A guy can only take so much, right? I would be absolutely fed up if the love of my life was constantly going against my wishes, making decisions without at least asking how I feel about them, and begins having feelings for multiple, other people. Is she really worth it, Reed?

I do like that Evie is starting to stand up for herself more in this book, which is something I’ve been waiting to see for a while. Standing up to her father was the biggest change I saw in her, but she could do more than just talk about her feelings. It doesn’t matter what she says, the men in this book have their own agendas and think they know what she needs, so they are going to do what they think is best for her and themselves. Brennus is the perfect example of that. He is totally blind to the fact that Evie needs to be with Reed. Yes, maybe she does care for him on some level, but if he honestly wanted her to be happy he should probably just let her go, and we all know that isn’t going to happen.

Overall, I’m conflicted and frustrated with all the characters being in love with this one girl, who struggles to stand up for herself. I do however like that something actually happens in this book at the end. The fighting, the revelation about Xavier’s character history, as well as Russell’s new aspire were all pleasant surprises. Maybe now Russell will stop drooling over Evie. I’m anxious to see what happens next.

Team Reed all the way.

 My Rating: 5/515847757
Book 5 in the Premonition Series

Short Summary:
Book 5 is suppose to be the final part of this series, wrapping up the many love entanglements that Evie finds herself in. Evie must put together an army to take down Emil, her enemy, but first she needs to remember her past lives in order to fulfill her mission.

My Review:
This book made me wait, literally. It took so long to come out that I thought it would never be released. However, of all the books in the series, this one is by far my favorite.

I shouldn’t have read the reviews and comments on Goodreads. Haters. Some readers didn’t like how this one ended, some didn’t like that there was a whole other story line introduced that wasn’t hinted at or mentioned in the previous books, some people just didn’t like the fact that Evie has more than one man after her. I, on the other hand, really enjoyed the twists of this book. Yes, I wish some of this had been hinted at earlier because it would have given the other books more of a purpose–something to look forward to. Yes, it does bug me every so often that Evie has so many men at her side, but it comes in handy at the end of this book when she needs them to help her defeat Emil.

Speaking of Emil… I really wish he would have been introduced earlier as a threat. It would have tied the books to better a little better. However, in this book by itself Evie’s enemy gave her a new purpose and something to fight for.

The action and fighting in this book is awesome. The characters are always awesome. You’re cheering on so many characters that you thought you hated, or who had irritated you in the previous books (like Brennus).

Now, about the ending…
There’s no way in hell this is the last book. It may be the last book in THIS series, but there’s no way it’s the last in the story itself. Secretly, I’m hoping that she writes a new series with the same characters, since that’s kind of where she left this one hanging. This was not an ending. If it was, it sucked big time. There were so many more questions she opened up with the ending that she wrote.

Overall, great series. This book deserves 5 stars.
I read the kindle version of this book and also used the audio version too.
The audio version was FANTASTIC.


♥ Note: I’m sad this series is over, but it’s been a great adventure!
I hope my reviews have convinced you to get sucked into these books♥