I Know-I’m Annoying You Right Now

If you haven’t already seen the back-to-back book review posts, you will. I’m spending the majority of the day moving book reviews from one blog to another, and this is just the quickest way to do it. Along with re-posting them, I’m editing them, as well as grouping series books together. This won’t affect the bookshelf at all. Each book will still be listed separately, but the link will take you to one page where you can read all the reviews of the books in which ever series you chose. This is ultimately going to help me keep up with what I’m missing. I’ve already noticed that I’m missing books that I know I’ve written reviews for before. They might have gotten lost somewhere…

Hopefully this helps everyone in the end, and doesn’t just clog up your reader feed. Maybe it will remind you to check out some of the books I had posted previous that you forgot about as well ❤ I hope that’s the case!

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