Ever Shade by Alexia Purdy

My Rating: 4/5 stars
A Dark Faerie Tale Book 1

Short Summary:
After learning that there is more to the world around her than what meets the eye, Shade embarks on a mystical and dangerous quest across Faerie lands with her Faerie warriors at her side.

My Review:
I know, I know! They say don’t judge a book by the cover, but how can you not? This one is soooo pretty. I got lucky and was pleasantly surprised how much I liked this one when I was randomly downloading new kindle books. The book itself is free, but I paid the extra $1.99 for the audio version to take along with me on my summer trip this past week. It was well worth it. The only negative thing I have to say about the audio version is that I wish the narrator would have stuck to her native accent more often. I liked the British/Irish/Scottish accents she was able to do, but I would have left the “American” accent alone completely. It sounded a bit “lisp-y”. Other than that, I loved the narrator for this book.

I really enjoyed the feel of the world that Purdy created in this book. The imagery and descriptions were fantastic. There were places and details in the story that I thought were refreshing as far as the realm of the Fae was concerned and some of it’s characters that Shade met along the way. It was face paced, each character was described well, and the journey had plenty of twists along the way.

Let’s talk about the romance. Some people hate when there isn’t an obvious romance immediately in a book. I am not one of those people. I actually really love the fact that Shade doesn’t immediately swoon for every guy around, or that every guy is immediately infatuated with her. I enjoy the slow build up of relationships throughout books, with a quick taste of lust and desire here and there. It is PERFECT in this book. Now that I’m in book 2, I’m not as nauseated as I might have been if certain events had been introduced too early. I am secretly holding out for hope for a romantic relationship between Shade and one of the male characters, but I won’t tell you which one. I really hope that the author does a completely 180 and has Shade fall for someone random, who we weren’t expecting. That would be awesome and make a lot of readers mad, which would be fantastically evil.

That’s the good ^^
Here’s the bad…

I still really hate Shade. I can’t stand a whiny heroine. I understand that a “seemingly normal” human, who finds herself in an extraordinary situation is scared, worried, and curious. I get that. What I don’t enjoy is page after page of her being so terrified that she is constantly thinking of going home, or someone else is coming to her rescue, or the fact that she can’t come up with some witty banter or something with her enemies to make her sound a little less of a puss and more of a bad-ass female lead. As much as I loved the idea of this book and understand that this book sets up Shade’s character for more important roles later, it just really frustrated me that going into book 2 she hasn’t changed in this regard at all (in fact, I think it’s worse). It’s okay for one of her weaknesses to be that she is scared, but at some point as the “savior” character that she is being set up to be in the future, she needs to man the hell up and start at least pretending to be brave. I really hope that she becomes a strong lead character, without too much more help from the males in the book.

Overall, I really liked this book and immediately bought the second one (audio as well). 4/5 stars because I’m not impressed with the main character…yet. I can’t really say if the actual book was written well since I used the audio version, so I’ll have to pass on criticizing the editing. This series has great potential to turn out to be an unexpectedly good read. We’ll see if Purdy surprises me.