Crap Is Not A Bad Word by Jimmy Norman

My Rating: 5/5 stars

Check out his blog Dysfunctional Literacy

Short Summary: Though, the author believes himself to be a very polite person, he proves that the word “crap” is not a bad word and discusses some topics that are deemed impolite.

My Review:
I love blog entries and books about words. This one is entertaining, actually pretty educational, and funny as hell. I learned that I am probably not a very polite person, or maybe I’m just blunt and outspoken. There is a difference, right? I also learned a lot about where a few impolite and profane words came from originally and how they have changed into what they mean today. This is great because now I will appreciate them a little more when I do chose to use them. I will also, most likely, always think of this author and his book every time I say something that would warrant a mouth wash full of soap.

The ebook is only $.99 on amazon and was published in December 2015, so it’s fairly new. I’m always up for helping out authors and their books with a review, especially if it costs me less than a cup of coffee. I feel like an idiot for not going through my wordpress reader and finding the author’s blog sooner. I really enjoyed his post on why fuck is such a bad word, which is what led me to the ebook.

I think there were a few minor kindle formatting issues that I would have done differently, and maybe a few editing errors here and there, but it wasn’t anything that distracted me enough to knock the rating of this book down.

So, thanks for an entertaining read that left me smiling and amused before going to bed last night. I really enjoyed it. I went ahead and rated it on amazon briefly.