Black Moon Draw by Lizzy Ford

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

Short Summary: Depressed after being left by her fiance right before her wedding, Naia immerses herself into new chapters from her favorite book, which have been uploaded online. She’s so entranced by the fantasy world, or maybe it was the bottle of wine she drank, she ends up being literally sucked into the story itself.

My Review: What reader hasn’t wanted to be a character in one of their favorite books? In fact, I pass out reading to Lizzy’s books all the time and dream myself into the worlds she has created, hoping that I don’t wake up before the sexy male characters falls in love with me. (Yeah, I just admitted that…Rhyn Eternal ♥ *sigh*)

Naia thinks she is in one of her own dreams, believing nothing is real, so I wasn’t surprised by her reactions and attitude toward other characters. Though, I wasn’t as impressed with Shadow Night and Red Night; not my favorite Lizzy Ford characters for sure. However, the ending of this book was what really pulled the characters and story together for me, and I’m anxious to see what happens next. (Now knowing there will be a sequel – update 1/30/2017)

I bought this on Amazon for my own enjoyment, and because…Lizzy Ford…duh.