Sovereign Spirit Saga by David Forsyth

Rated: 5/5 stars

Short Summary: Scott won the lottery and decided to spend the money on a private cruise ship, on which he, his family, and his friends are well equip when the zombie virus beings to spread. While Scott and his guests are safely on the water, Carl is stuck at the airport with his wife, struggling to survive. Voyage of the Dead follows the story of both men on their journey to create a well-protected safe-haven for the survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse.

My Review: One of my favorite authors, Hugh Howey, recommended Voyage of the Dead through twitter, and I snatched it up pretty quickly, finishing it on June 17th, 2012. You can find my review and 5-star rating on Amazon and Goodreads.

What I love about this book is the main character, Scott. He is just an average man, who basically got lucky. He won the lottery, and with that came a lot of toys. On his cruise ship he has a private helicopter, an SUV, a mini sub, a laboratory and tons of weaponry, not to mention plenty of food and rooms available for guests. He is clearly prepared for whatever comes his way. Though he seems to have everything, he is the least selfish character in the book. He is willing to go out of his way to help those in need, though he looks out for his own guests’ safety first. Scott is organized, knowledgeable, and well equip to take on multiple tasks, as well as be able to fight off some flesh-hungry zombies in the process.

This book kept me entertained. Every time I thought there would be a pause in the pace, something else would happen to stir up problems for the characters. Since reading Voyage of the Dead, I’ve been constantly searching for new zombie themed books to read. This one isn’t too gory, and I was able to stomach the zombie killing scenes. However, I am hoping that the third book will have more disgusting, descriptive events that the characters must face. It seems that the characters have gotten their civilization pretty well organized by the second book, now I’m just waiting for more disaster to happen.

I was lucky enough to have David Forsyth message me on Goodreads shortly after I read this book, expressing his gratitude for my 5-star rate and review. He is very dedicated to his fans, and has an amazing imagination. I’m glad someone finally wrote a popular zombie apocalyptic book where the characters are stranded on a boat because who wants to be stuck on land with nowhere to go? Great book!

This book was free on Amazon when downloaded. I purchased it for my own enjoyment.

My Rating: 5/5

Second book in the Sovereign Spirit Saga.

Short Summary: The second book follows the characters from the first book, Voyage of the Dead, as they continue to search for the cure to the Zombie virus. The growing Flotilla that begins to take in more survivors is an attempt at creating a new civilization.

My Review: This is why I didn’t want to finish the book because now I’m aching to know what happens, and I have nothing else to read to distract me of my suffering. I give it five stars. It’s just as good, if not better than Voyage. I don’t know if it’s just that I have an active imagination, but from the beginning of Voyage I was able to foresee where Flotilla would be headed. I was glad that I was correct, but also still surprised at events that I had not expected.

Scott is such a bad-ass leader, which I love. His character is kind, sympathetic, and loving, but at the same time he knows how to stand up for himself and his followers. His confrontations with outsiders, especially government officials, were hilarious and uncomfortable. He always knows exactly what to say and when to say it. So, I guess now I’m wondering what his major character flaw is. His sympathy might get the better of him, but I just can’t really see him failing at this point unless he gets killed, which would piss everyone off. Looking into the future of the story, I’ll keep my thoughts about what will probably happen to myself, but I’m anxious to know what ends up happening to Clint.

This book was a little slower for me than the first, however it was still so gripping. I love the story, all of the characters, the idea, and the author. I have recommended this over and over again to friends, who love zombies as much as I do. It’s also gotten to the point where I’m having zombie dreams after reading at night, and I love it when a good book isn’t ready to let go of my mind even when I have finished reading it. These are books I will revisit over and over again.

I bought this book for my own enjoyment. I wrote this original review months before the third book, Deluge of the Dead, was released.

My Rating: 3/5

Third book in the Sovereign Saga

Short Summary: The continuation of Flotilla of the Dead. Scott and Carl struggle to keep the survivors of the zombie apocalypse safe as they begin advertising the safe haven to others who can make it to the shoreline. The virus continues to spread as they attempt to find the cure through the blood of those immune.

My Review: I understand the different approach that the author took in this book and appreciate the change. I honestly just got a little bored with the conversations between characters. That was mainly the reason I had a hard time getting through the book. The constant planning between each of the characters just didn’t keep my attention. That may be my own fault though. The politics and the military planning, which I know are necessary in a crisis, just bore me in any story. So, it may just be my taste this time.

Still in love with the characters, and I like the new perspective of the situation through the actions of those who are truly cruel. I think this was a great addition.

My favorite part of the book was the end when Billy and his mom are struggling to survive. This was the main event that sped up the pace of the book and kept me wondering what would happen next.

I am also the type of reader/writer that likes to kill off most of my beloved characters, so I’m always wishing authors would kill more of them instead of them living happily ever after, but I know a lot of you would hate your favorite authors for it. It’s just my taste. Very tragic. Very Shakespearean. There were a few characters that I hoped would die or find their love ones killed and be devastated in this book and didn’t.

Looking forward to continuing the saga. I’m hooked at this point. There’s no turning back for me!

I bought this e-book from amazon for my own enjoyment.

My Rating: 5/5 stars

Prequel to the Sovereign Spirit Saga

Very Short Summary: In this prequel, the reasoning behind the zombie apocalypse is revealed, along with the masterminds behind the virus.

My Review: I’m so glad that a prequel was made. There aren’t too many zombie stories that explain how the virus actually spread, or analyze the mad men behind the infliction of the horror they cause.

The only thing I wanted to see happen in the end was the slow deterioration of the main character’s mind as he slowly turned. This might have been impossible, since the character is writing a personal entry, but it would have given the ending a different feel.

Other than that, it was really interesting to see how the virus was spread all over the world. I do wonder if anything written in the prequel shows up in the books themselves. I can’t remember if some of the places that the main character went in this prequel were mentioned in the books or not, but I’m curious to know if the prequel included pieces of the books themselves or not.

I really enjoyed this short prequel, as well as the books that follow.

I bought this book for my own enjoyment.