The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss

My Rating: 5/5 stars

Short Summary: Kvothe leaves the University, continuing on his quest to learn more about the Chandrian in an attempt to uncover the truth behind the deaths of his parents.

My Short Review: If I’m being completely honest, I did not enjoy this story nearly as much as the first. While I completely understand the need for some of the build up, a lot of this felt slowly dragged out (which is what most of Rothfuss’ readers complain of), but I’m a pretty patient person.

I didn’t talk a lot about any of the other characters in the last review (I think), but I wanted to mention Denna. She’s driving me nuts, and I don’t care one way or the other if she and Kvothe “get it on” at some point or another. She’s so flighty, it’s frustrating. To add, she’s an ungrateful brat half the time she is with Kvothe. This guy is doing the best he can be to stay in the “friend zone,” while still treating her like a complete princess, and he still gets chastised for giving her a gift–spoiler: not even a real gift, but her own jewelry, but it’s okay for her to give him a gift? I won’t even go into the so-called fight they have because Kvothe is an idiot during this scene, and Denna is clueless. The whole relationship is shitty, and I’m over it. I am looking forward to seeing what happened to Denna that made Kvothe so regretful in the beginning of book one, which I did go back and read as second time for shits and giggles.

I don’t even want to comment on how long the 3rd book is going to take to come out. I’m sure it will be just as worth it as these books were, but I’m still not happy about it.

I like to keep the reviews of following books short because if you didn’t like the first one, nothing I will say will keep you interested in this one. Just know, that like most of my reviews on Hugh Howey’s books, I believe these books are worth the money! Again, I bought the audio version on Amazon.

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