More Reviews to Come

I’ve been slacking again, but only because writing a good review is hard to do when it ultimately means you’re admitting to yourself that the journey with that particular story is over. 😭

There’s more Patrick Rothfuss to come, and I finally went ahead and bought the audio version of The Shell Collector by Hugh Howey. Those will be the two I focus on next.

I was able to find a few new books on a random amazon search, so hopefully there are some gems in my library now that will help me get over my book hangover.

4 thoughts on “More Reviews to Come

    1. I’ve just been super busy. I have three blogs, two facebook groups, and a few events on facebook I’m hosting lol. So, I have a lot going on, including trying to open an etsy store lol! Books definitely are on the back burner right now.

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      1. Yes lol. is my other main one. More personal. And then my book reviews are linked on thus blog, but it’s a separate blog technically. 🙂

        I’m a stay at home mom, so I have a little more free time.

        I don’t think I blogged very much in college until 2012 when I actually started my book reviews. I couldn’t imagine keeping it up during college lol kudos!

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