Get Some Sleep!! Zippy!

If you haven’t discovered this magical secret yet that works for many families, you need to check out
We call it the “zippy.” It’s a sleep sack that covers hands and feet, with a resistant bounce to the material to help with that pesky jolting reflex that wakes up our littles.

Little Bear has about 5 of them now and 2 flying squirrels (optional hands and feet covering pjs). He’s a sleeping advertisement. We use them for naps and bedtime, any sleepy routine no matter where we are, in the car, and when it’s cold outside–ten times better than dealing with a jacketl (especially if you’re trying to be safe in the carseat).

They come in all sorts of cute patterns (new ones coming soon & more sizes coming soon). They are even making doll sizes for all your little’s bears and babies. It’s adorable.

We started using the zippy around 3-4 months when it fit the best, but I wouldnt hesitate to introduce it sooner as just a wearable blanket for baby number 2.