Motherhood and Social Media Criticism 

I have a long rant today:

Every day an opinion is shared on social media (in this case, let’s go with Facebook as an example), be it through an article, a status, a picture, a video, or a comment. This has become a new norm. We get online, or check our phones, constantly to see what’s been updated. It’s how we stay connected. 

Some people share more than others, especially if they keep their account private, but even if it was a public account, individuals have a right to post what they want (as long as it doesn’t violate Facebook rules) regardless of someone else’s opinion. Here’s where things get sticky because some things that are shared are being reported and labeled as “inappropriate” when in reality they are not. 

The most obvious examples of this are related to motherhood. Yes, I said motherhood. Society has twisted the natural beauty of parenting and motherhood completely around and labeled certain aspects of it as “inappropriate, disrespectful, or gross” when it comes to sharing personal moments on THEIR personal Facebook pages. This is pretty fucking sad in my opinion since the natural instincts of motherhood are physically and mentally built into us women as biologically normal. So, while our bodies and minds tells us one thing, idiots on the Internet who are either ignorant, were shamed or feel guilty about something, tell us that we should be ashamed of these things. 

Breastfeeding and Birth are the two biggest things that are debated ALL THE TIME, and it’s stupid that this is an issue for some people. If you have an issue with the biological norms of motherhood, you have a serious problem.

More recently, a picture of a little girl breastfeeding her babydoll was criticized by a moron who felt the need to shame her mother online. What makes people so hateful toward something like this is beyond me. Children mimcik us. Children are innocent enough that we can teach them the norms, but if you deny them the opportunity to normalize these things, you aid in creating the ignorant, stupid, asshole trolls that have nothing better to do than sexualize breasts and mothers, criticizing those of us who know what the hell we are doing.

You feel uncomfortable with things shared on Facebook? There’s a fucking HIDE button specifically made for this reason. Better yet, unfollow us and enjoy living in your igorance. Or, stop being an asshole and accept that the world doesn’t revolve around you or your opinions, and instead of trolling maybe try showing that new mom some support or at least do some research for yourself.

The main reason I wanted to write this is because someone had the nerve to be a compete dick to a woman who had lost her baby, who had shared some intimate, beautiful pictures of her stillborn. While that might be a trigger loss for some, which I can understand, the last thing a mother in that situation needs is someone telling her that sharing her experience and journey is inappropriate. The fact that someone could be as hateful as this troll was in some of their comments had me defending this poor mama online. I wanted to bitch slap the jerk through the computer.

Another picture, a postpartum moment, was posted yesterday of a mom wearing one of those comfy mesh diapers and pads they make you wear after you’ve had a baby. It’s not something many women talk about. In fact, when I had Little Bear I wasn’t even aware of the postpartum norms. It was meant to be taken in humor, but of course some idiots turn it around and twisted it into something inappropriate. 

I’m just so sick of seeing shit posted on Facebook that is legitimately gross and not worth reading or watching, but when it comes to the realities of life things are censored or deleted or shamed. Get off your high horses, you perfect people. Stop letting things easily offend you. If your comments are intentionally hurtful or ignorant of actual facts, it doesnt make you a martyr for posting your opinion. It just makes you an asshole who is absolutely in the wrong. Posting “everyone is allowed to have an opinon” doesn’t make you right or a good person. You’re acting like a two year old. Use your words and actions to help those struggling and in need of support instead of bring them down for your own entertainment. 

This goes for other topics posted as well. Motherhood just happened to be what I saw the most of this week that was being shamed and criticized. Are there topics you’ve seen online recently that this applies to? Let me know your thoughts. 

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