Day in the Life: Stay-at-Home Mom

Ignoring the fact that it’s hard enough to get any cleaning or chores done around the house in general, writing has become impossible to do with a new toddler. Little Bear turned 1 last week and since then he’s decided that every time I sit down at the computer he needs to be in my lap. That or he cries for absolutely no reason until I let him sit with me and put one of my headphones in his ear so that he can listen to my music with me. He also started walking in the last two days. He’s wanting my attention, he’s walking/wobbling around, and he’s scaring the crap out of me when he gets too close to hard furniture. So, writing is HARD–almost non-existent during the day until he goes to bed around 6pm. I have an early riser on my hands, so trying to work in the morning is a no-go. My day looks like this:

Wake up @ 5-6am and have breakfast.
Throw laundry in and/or clean the kitchen while Little Bear watches some cartoons and plays alone. I’m usually listening to an audio book while I do this, so I get some “me” time.
1st nap = I sleep, shower (if I haven’t in like 3 days), or I write.
Then we play more and have lunch. I continue to clean or we go to the store. Audio book attached to my ear.
2nd nap = I write.
From the time he wakes up until bedtime, at this point he wants my complete attention. If he doesn’t have it, cue tantrum.
Bedtime anywhere between 5-7pm (some daddy play time if he gets home in time)
Then I write, read, and or edit.

I AM writing. Somehow I’ve found time. Any chance I get I sit down to the computer, my journals or my phone and just start typing. Thank God for google docs. What that means is that not only have a FINISHED the first book in the series I’m writing, I’m already working on two other books in the series (the paranormal romance). Now I need to find a good/affordable editor…so, if you know someone…

That’s my day in a nutshell. It doesn’t sound like much when I write it out like that, but I’m dripping sweat, tired, and ready for my glass of wine by the end of it. The fact that I’ve only just found the time to write a year after having a baby and dealing with some chronic pain really says something about how hard stay-at-home moms have it (and kudos to working moms). This is my first blog post in–how long? I did my first book review in a while too, and that’s only because I was able to get the audio version to listen to during the day when I can’t physically read the ebook.

So, there you have it.
I’m now in need of audio versions of books, so if you’re offering let me know. I can usually finish a book (depending on how long) in a day or two if it’s in audio version. Even better if I can get the audio and ebook text version.

Again, any recommendations for editors is welcome since that’s the next step after I finish touching up some minor typos.

Thanks for following and being patient as I catch up on my passion, all while spending my time with this little love of my life 🙂



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