Inspiration Strikes

After getting married, a giant move, and having a baby, I am finally finding the “me” time I’ve needed to write. And by write, I mean re-write and edit. 

Picking back up my book after it has been neglected the last few months might have been exactly what it needed. I’m doing some minor editing and then it will be ready to pass off to the next reader and editor. Now… to find the actual editor…

While the first part of my story is being worked on, I’m already into the next two books that will follow.
It’s hard to keep writing sometimes when you feel like your first draft is incomplete, like there’s always something missing. I’m in my head too much, and I know too much about the story. That’s why it’s time to find someone else to edit it. It’s pretty nerve-wracking for sure, but I’m hopeful. I’ve read worse things than my own writing, which is a mean truth, but it makes me feel a little better (lol). I will also admit that this time when I read my story I was surprised how much I liked it. So, I guess my advice now would be: if you’re sick and tired of looking at your work, put it down and work on something else for a while. Let it get lonely. Miss it for a few days, weeks, months. Then come back and see if it speaks to you. It worked for me 🙂

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