There’s this thing called Snap-Writing. I have no idea who came up with it, but I keep seeing it show up every time I tried googling “Mom Writing Tips” (yeah…that’s right. I had to google it). I’m exhausted. Very little sleep. New baby in the house. I’ve gone one month without writing a single word. This is my first post since Little Bear was born–at least I’m doing something. It wouldn’t be nearly as bad if I didn’t have so much back pain. Have you ever tried to sit down to write, and not be able to just sit down? Kind of frustrating, right?

I think I’m going to try this snap-writing thing, where you just write every time you have a moment. See, the problem with this though is that when that moment comes around I’d rather sleep! So, here’s me taking that little moment this morning, after having some coffee, before having to feed Little Bear again and starting our day.

Any other Mommy Writing tips?

Update: I’ll post a book review this week. Thanks for all the comments!

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