My Book Reviews

From Aroma Bookshelf to Lynn Book Nook, my book review blog has finally been moved once again–and for the last time–to a blog of it’s own here. It took me three days to move everything because Weebly is impossible to export, no matter how hard I tried. Someone remind me never to use that site again. I may or may not continue writing my reviews when I’m not writing my stories, but it’s becoming harder to keep up with the books that I do read. I will definitely post simple reviews on Amazon for authors, though. I spent over 3 years working on reviews, and that blog was what motivated me to continue writing, so I just couldn’t bare to delete them.

Now that I’m done transferring everything over, I can start working on my second book. I’ll also be trying to have the first rounds of edits on my paranormal romance book finished in the next few weeks, so that I can send it off to an editor. I’ll be excited to start working on the cover art as well. Stay tuned!

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